Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that I am using this year to help me study God's word.

The first being the Scripture Reading Plan I am using provided by the Journey church. I like it because if you get behind it is easy to get caught up. :)

The second is what I am using to help me memorize verses. I have always wanted to memorize Philippians and shared that desire with my husband. He directed me to this site which has a VERY helpful guide to memorizing Philippians!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stealing Pictures

Soo...I am stealing pictures off of my friend Kelly's blog. They are of my daughter so...is that really stealing? And...I must clarify...Emma did not actually have Seth in a "choke hold" she was just pulling on his head (not his neck) trying to get him to stand up and disobey...like her. It's great fun to stand up in the bed when you should be sitting ther watching a movie and hopefully, going to sleep at least that is what Emma thinks! Needless to say, they did not end up going to sleep together...my child is high maintenance and needed to be alone!
This picture is sooo incredibly sweet to me! It really shows Emma's features. She doesn't have that baby look anymore...my baby isn't a baby anymore. :( At least she still likes to "tuddle".
Emma's very best friend. She "nus" (loves) "Sef". She also has a special "boy friend" at school named Owen. When you ask her if Owen is her "boyfrien" she says "No, Sef". They are too sweet together. Emma loves to give him hugs...Seth gets a little purturbed...one is enough for him! :)

Watching a movie in bed.

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