Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that I am using this year to help me study God's word.

The first being the Scripture Reading Plan I am using provided by the Journey church. I like it because if you get behind it is easy to get caught up. :)

The second is what I am using to help me memorize verses. I have always wanted to memorize Philippians and shared that desire with my husband. He directed me to this site which has a VERY helpful guide to memorizing Philippians!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daddy Eats...

Yesterday I posted about Emma's "Horses eat oat's" comments a few weeks ago and then ironically tonight when I was rocking her, out of the blue she said, "Horses eat oats. Daddy eats oats". She looked kind of funny and thought and then she said "Daddy eats oatmeal. Emma eats Daddy's oatmeal." It was too cute. So I asked her if she really did eat Daddy's oatmeal and she replied "uh huh, yummy". It was too cute not to record! Can you tell my baby likes to eat??? :)

Makes Me Melt

So this little girl was the most absolute sweetest tonight.

Emma was riding on the fire truck at church tonight and wanted her friend, Brady, to ride with her (there are two seats). Brady was really upset and wanting his Mom so I told Emma to go over and ask Brady to come ride with her. She went and stood next to him, looked him in the eye and said, "Bady tome wide on da fie tuck, pease." He continued to cry so she took his hand and said "Pease tome wif me Bady." It was SOOO sweet. I can only hope that she is this sweet with her friends at school. I am a proud Mama tonight! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Backyardigans

One day, when we were in Texas, Emma and I were on our way to the hospital to visit my grandmother. When we travel we keep the DVD player in the car so Emma can watch the "Baa Days", as she calls them. I can't remember the exact name of the episode she was watching but it had to do with horses and other animals. Emma was sitting there watching and then to go along with what they were singing, Emma very matter of factly said: "Horses eat oats. Emma eats cookies." I thought it was hilarious so I asked her what she said and she repeated it! All I could do was laugh. When we got to the hospital I asked her to tell my mom what horses ate and she said "Horses eat oats. Emma eats cake." Yes...my child DEFINITELY has a sweeth tooth! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Emma is learning her ABC's so I thought I'd document what she knows and how she knows it...we relate letters to people because she is such a people person! **Have been added since original post. :) A - Anna, Angie, Angela B - Brooke, Beth C - Clint, Courtney D - Daddy E - Emma (of course) F - Fig G - GG H - Hailey I - ? J - Jack K - Kelly, Kristin L - Linda, Lauren M - Mommy N - ? O - Owen P - Papa Q - ? R - Reid S - Seth, Steve, Samuel, Savannah T - Tami U - Uniqua** (from the Backyardigans) V - Vernon W - ? X - ? Y - ? Z - Zach** So pretty much she knows all but 9 letters of the alphabet. Does she get the letter right ALL the time??? No, but MOST. She really does pretty good and amazes us! Anyone want to help with the question marks??? I guess we can wait on those. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Emmie Pics from the Trip

I know I'm a little prejudice but I definitely think she is the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world. I love her SOOOO much!
Big Girl drinking in the car.
Glamourous Girl
Thanks to Aunt Tami for all the "jewels"!
Not sure why she's showing her tummy off! :)
Hot, Paci Momma!
She grabbed one of her little cousins paci's and ironically forgot how to put one in her mouth the right way! She definitely misses hers even though its been gone for a year.
Getting a better look (at the Alamo, I think)
Cutie Pie
So Sophisticated
Big Tease
Giggle Box
Still Teasin'
Worn Out!

Completely Out Of It!

I cannot believe that THIS little girl fell asleep in the middle of downtown San Antonio!!! She NEVER does anything like this!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Gan went home to be with the Lord late at night on Monday, April 13, 2009. She was laid to rest next to Papa on Friday, April 17. I am no theologian at all but I like to think that when she left the ones she loved and those surrounding her at the hospital that she ran into the arms of our Lord...healed and new. I'd like to think that she then saw Papa carrying the baby that they lost so many years ago. What a joyous time for her!
I am happy that she is no longer in pain and no longer suffering but my how I miss her. I was used to calling her each Sunday and Wednesday evening on my way to church. I definitely missed that phone call this Wednesday. I know I will miss many, many more...there will be lots of adjustments especially over the next few months and lots of empty moments over the next few years.
I've been trying not to think too much about what has transpired over the last week and a half but today as we were driving to the hospital to visit a family from the church, out of the blue, Emma said "Gan sleeping." "Gan booboo." "Gan see Jesus, I want to see Jesus." It was so sweet and innocent but ALL of me wanted to cry.
Mom and Dad are flying back to Finland today (Saturday) so please pray for traveling mercies. They have spent this last week in Stephenville, TX helping my aunt and uncle clean out my grandmother's home. It has been a hard (in more ways than one) and tiring week for them. Please pray that their rest is multiplied (especially Dad's). They should arrive home sometime on Sunday and Dad will go back to work on Monday. We can't wait until they come back to the states and get to visit us!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

School Pictures

Sweet & sassy pictures of our little Emma! We couldn't decide on our favorite so we bought the CD so we could print what we wanted of each of them. They are TOO cute!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Memories, Thoughts, & Sadness

UPDATE** Daddy made it safeiy!
I'm not really sure what to write or how to start. When we got to Texas earlier this week I started reminiscing about times spent with Papa and Gan (my dad's parents). Papa is no longer with us and I was thinking about a picture that mom has of me when I was a little girl, with my hair in rollers standing outside with Papa and Gan on Easter morning (after hunting eggs) and just giggling. (Gan was still doing "okay" when I was doing my reminiscing.)
Papa has been with the Lord for 13 years now. There have been many memorable moments in both mine and my cousins lives since he has been gone. We have all missed him terribly. There is a void there that can never be filled. He was one special man. His funeral was a testimony to that, when during the procession from the funeral home to the church, business men, families, etc. who couldn't come to the funeral stood outside their places of work to watch the procession. The church was filled...people were standing in the back, along the sides and out in the foyer. Papa was so special to so many. I also think of how Papa would be so proud of Emma. She is a people person just like him. We always joked that he would be a greeter at Wal-Mart one day and I'm sure Emma would be working right there with him. I think of how he and Gan raised my dad to be a great and Godly man with high morals full of integrity and honesty. I love my dad and am so proud that Emma has a wonderful Papa!
Fun Memories: Almost each summer, if not each summer, growing up I would spend a few days to a week with Papa and Gan. Many summers I went camping just them and me (we also had LARGE family campouts that were wonderful). We would go swimming, fishing, and shopping. They never made me take a bath or brush my teeth. :) Gan never washed my clothes because I wanted to be able to dump them in the dirty clothes when I got home and not have to put them away. If I found something I wanted I would always tell Papa that there was something that I "liked" and I most likely got that item within a few days. Gan always bought me the unhealthy foods like frosted flakes, cocoa pebbles, fruity pebbles, cokes, cheeto's and all the things I couldn't have at home. Sometimes Gan and I would go visit Papa at work at eat Mexican (of course). We always had our secret...I would whisper to Papa and tell him I liked cheese (cheese dip) and he would order it. (Emma's Papa (my dad) has started ordering that for her!!) Papa would sometimes give me money and Gan would take me shopping to buy things...I always come home with something for mom and dad. I remember when we lived in Ohio they came to visit for my birthday. They were able to come to school on Grandparent's Day to eat lunch with me and they found out that my second grade classroom needed money for some animals so they donated it so that we could have them. Papa made the best jelly in the world. Even after he was gone there were still bags of frozen juice to make jelly out of. He loved to make jelly and give it away. I always enjoyed going to VBS at their church. Gan would always work and take me with her. We had the weekly Friday night out to eat and trip to Wal-Mart. Great Christmases and Summer's together. It was hard to lose Papa and like I said there will always be a void but now it is Gan's turn to go home and be with the Lord. She has lead a long, good and healthy life up until the last few months. She is tired and ready to meet her Maker. We all have a peace and know where she will be but that doesn't take away the hurt or the sadness. We will ALL miss her and even though we are losing one person it kind of feels like we are losing two. By losing her we lose a whole part...the common bond. It will definitely be different now. As I write this Daddy is preparing to board a plane in Finland to begin his journey to the US. Mom is already here...she arrived last week just to visit family. Josh, Emma and I came to Texas earlier this week to attend his brother's graduation from basic training and to visit family. This turn for the worst came rather unexpectedly. I am so greatful that Emma and I were able to spend time with Gan in January and that I was able to spend time with her Tuesday while she was still coherent. Emma knew that we were going to see Gan while we were here so doesn't quite understand why she can't see her and why she can't "push her" in the wheel chair. Emma was very concerned today when she saw me crying. I tried to explain to her that Mommy really was fine but that she was just sad for right now. I told her that Gan is going to see Jesus and Emma said "I want to see Jesus". I know she doesn't understand things completely yet but I thought that was so sweet and innocent it lifted my spirits. On this Easter weekend I am so thankful as I think about what our Lord and Savior did for us. If God hadn't sent his only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross as payment for our sins so that He could rise again we would not have the opportunity to have eternal life with Him FOREVER. Because of His compassion and love for each of us He gave His Son. I am so thankful that I know both Papa and Gan were believers in the Lord. I know where Papa is and where Gan is going. There is no doubt in my mind that I will see them again one day. Even though this Easter weekend is overshadowed by a dark cloud on this earth it is also a glorious one beacause we have HOPE! Do you have that hope?
I love you, Gan.

Monday, April 6, 2009


My grandmother became septic last night and had to do surgery this afternoon. They cleaned the infection out which seemed to be localized but they had to put a permanent colostomy in. She is really discouraged and upset about that. She is not showing much emotion and not really interacting at this time so please pray for her that she will begin to climb out of this dark hole she seems to be in. On another note, Emma did GREAT on our trip today. She was actually pretty pleasurable! She is excited to pick GG up from the airport tomorrow. Please pray for more safe travels for everyone! I'll do my best to post picture soon!!!

Update on Gan

The doctor came in this morning and told Gan they're doing surgery this afternoon at 4:00 to clean the infection, and they may have to do a colostomy bag. She was really upset when she found this out, so please pray for the doctors as they do the surgery and for her, mentally and emotionally.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Josh was upstairs giving Emma a bath and then he calls for me. I go upstairs to see Emma laying on the floor and he changing her diaper. I asked "What's wrong?" He said Emma pooped in the bathtub! As he was saying that Emma said "Emma pooped in batub. Daddy say 'oh my dosh!'" I just busted out laughing. It was hilarious. She told me the WHOLE story! So teachers, friends...if Emma says "oh my dosh" we sincerely apologize but this was DEFINITELY an "oh my dosh" moment! She has been told that she is not allowed to say that and that if she does that she will be punished. So far, so good! Anyhow, after she got her diaper on and I went to clean the sewage up (and I do mean sewage...what a mess) she wanted to come in the bathroom to "see" it. I initially told her no but then decided that we would use this as a teachable moment. She came into the bathroom and looked in the tub and said "Oh, Emma! No poo poo batub, poo poo potty." Then she looked up at me and said "Oooh no eat it!" I emphatically replied and said "NO!!! You don't eat poo poo!" Oh my gosh...what a night. Oh...and you should thank me for not taking pictures! Trust me...oh my gosh.


So...we are taking a detour. We are going to go to East Texas tomorrow night and spend the night in Nacogdoches with my aunt. My grandmother is doing well physically but not the best emotionally. She has a hard day tomorrow with a cat scan, some more tests and a possible surgery. Please keep her in your prayers that she would be comforted, not so negative and that she would quickly return to her "old self" no matter the circumstances she finds herself in. In order to hopefully ease my aunt and uncle's stress we are going to wait and go to the Dallas area Tuesday. We will be there in time to pick mom up from the airport and then we will go to the hospital to visit with my grandmother. Please also pray for Emma as we travel and that our DVD players will work...they both began having issues Friday. They've got to work otherwise this long trip is going to get even longer...nooooo! :) Hopefully I'll post some pics later! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stealing Pictures

Soo...I am stealing pictures off of my friend Kelly's blog. They are of my daughter so...is that really stealing? And...I must clarify...Emma did not actually have Seth in a "choke hold" she was just pulling on his head (not his neck) trying to get him to stand up and disobey...like her. It's great fun to stand up in the bed when you should be sitting ther watching a movie and hopefully, going to sleep at least that is what Emma thinks! Needless to say, they did not end up going to sleep together...my child is high maintenance and needed to be alone!
This picture is sooo incredibly sweet to me! It really shows Emma's features. She doesn't have that baby look anymore...my baby isn't a baby anymore. :( At least she still likes to "tuddle".
Emma's very best friend. She "nus" (loves) "Sef". She also has a special "boy friend" at school named Owen. When you ask her if Owen is her "boyfrien" she says "No, Sef". They are too sweet together. Emma loves to give him hugs...Seth gets a little purturbed...one is enough for him! :)

Watching a movie in bed.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We are leaving in about 15 hours for our trek halfway across the country. There is so much to be done before we leave...I don't know if I have enough time! :) I am excited about our trip but dreading it because I know it will be so tiring! There is lots of driving and lots of stops and little "stay" time. It is pretty amazing though that we will see almost ALL of our family on BOTH sides. Thank goodness for great friends and family who are opening up their homes to us on our journey.
  • Tomorrow night (Thursday) we will stay in Knoxville...the goal is to be there by 10pm.
  • We will leave the following morning for Memphis to complete our "first leg". We will stay there until Monday when we will travel to Stephenville, TX where my aunt, uncle and grandmother live. Hopefully Gan will be home from the hospital by then!!
  • We will stay there until Wednesday afternoon when we will drive to San Antonio...oh how I LOVE San Antonio! Such a GREAT city. Erika and Daniel have opened up there home for us to stay there!!
  • Thursday is our "family" day. I am looking forward to introducing Josh to Texas history and the Alamo. Emma and I have "Texas" shirts...we need to get Josh one so we can take our picture in front of the Alamo. Wow...we'll really look like tourists. Then we'll go to the River Walk...heaven on earth...well, kind of. :) I wish my dad was going to be there so he could help us find the little hole in the wall that I enjoyed as a little girl...they had the BEST gordita's. I'm hoping we can find out where that place is. Yummy, yummy mexican.
  • Friday, Josh's younger brother, Matt, will graduate from Basic Training so we will spend that day celebrating with him.
  • Saturday, Josh will fly back to RDU and Emma and I will drive back to Stephenville.
  • Then, on either Sunday or Monday we will leave Stephenville and go to East Texas to spend time with moms side of the family for a few days. Then...sometime that week we will begin our journey home. Fun, fun, fun...tiring, tiring, tiring!!! Please pray for safe travels and for a GREAT and HAPPY two year old...oh...and patience for the adults would be good as well! :)