Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that I am using this year to help me study God's word.

The first being the Scripture Reading Plan I am using provided by the Journey church. I like it because if you get behind it is easy to get caught up. :)

The second is what I am using to help me memorize verses. I have always wanted to memorize Philippians and shared that desire with my husband. He directed me to this site which has a VERY helpful guide to memorizing Philippians!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So apparently, the pictures uploaded and I never had anything written. Sorry about that!
We went to Lynchburg back in July. Josh took the students to Student Life Camp for the 2nd time and we went up for one night, two days. Mom was here during that time so she could help me with Emma during the day since that was my week of workdays and Friday was my first day of school. The Whaley's are so hospitable and allowed us to stay with them. Emma had fun playing with Carter although, she mothered him too much. ;)

Grandma's and Grandbabies in bed watching a movie. :)

Gigi and Emma The kids participated in Missions Camp. They did a backyard Bible Club in one of the local underpriveleged housing complexes. They did a great job and had alot of fun with the kids!

Mr. Nathan with some of the kids. Isn't he so cute?
Precious Smile
LOVE this pic!
Our youth with some of the kids.
So sweet!
Sweet Keshell! I love her. She is so sweet and such a sweet friend to Emma. :)
Chris talking with one of the boys.
The boys doing crafts. :)
more crafts
Holding a sweet little girl that wouldn't quit crying unless she was held.
Carter telling Emma bye. :)
Now Emma is standing with Carter telling us bye! :) She wanted to stay!

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Katie said...

Hello! You asked where I took Reese's bows...she was in the Willow Creek NICU.

Love those boots in the earlier post. ; ) Definitely stylin'!