Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that I am using this year to help me study God's word.

The first being the Scripture Reading Plan I am using provided by the Journey church. I like it because if you get behind it is easy to get caught up. :)

The second is what I am using to help me memorize verses. I have always wanted to memorize Philippians and shared that desire with my husband. He directed me to this site which has a VERY helpful guide to memorizing Philippians!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicken Burritos

So...I invented a new recipe...at least to me! :) The other day I realized I needed to do something to my defrosted chicken breasts before they went bad. So, I thought I would stick them in the crockpot, generously sprinkle them with taco seasoning and pour a can of rotel over them along with another can of water. I'm sure you could use less...but it worked out fine for us. I stuck them in the crockpot on high while we went to church. When we got home, I thought I would let them cook a little longer on low and then eventually turned the crockpot off and let them cool. I drained the juice and kept all the yummy tomatoes with the chicken, shredded it all and stuck it in the fridge for today. Took some large size, flour tortillas spread black beans down the center and topped it with shredded chicken, folded the ends in and rolled the tortilla's up. Topped them with cheese dip, coved the pan with foil and stuck it in the over on 350 while the rice cooked. DELISH. I think this concoction is a keeper...I might even serve it to guests. :)

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Jennifer Faulk said...

Hi! You won the book! :) If you'll email your address to wesjennfaulk@yahoo.com I can get the book in the mail to you ASAP. Congratulations!