Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that I am using this year to help me study God's word.

The first being the Scripture Reading Plan I am using provided by the Journey church. I like it because if you get behind it is easy to get caught up. :)

The second is what I am using to help me memorize verses. I have always wanted to memorize Philippians and shared that desire with my husband. He directed me to this site which has a VERY helpful guide to memorizing Philippians!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Innocent Drama Queen

I have been hearing stories all week about EG and this is just too funny not to share! Mom said that EG had gotten a hold of some ceramic coasters that she knew she was not allowed to play with. Mom told EG to put them down, that she wasn't supposed to play with them, etc. Instead of obeying EG took off running (well...walking as fast as she could) with them. Mom started chasing her so EG dropped the coasters and decided that she would run to the blanket on the floor, lay down and act like she'd done nothing wrong. I guess in her smart little deceitful mind she thought they would think she had been "napping". Of course she didn't get in trouble...all anyone could do was laugh!!! Help!!! What am I going to do with this smart, dramatic and clever strong-willed child???

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